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Welcome to ohrwerk, Nuremberg's recording studio with your extra share of living room atmosphere.

Our studio is located in the southern part of the city, embedded in the Z-Bau - House of Contemporary Culture. On more than 800 square feet, we have created an oasis for you, a cosy environment to let your creativity flow. The generous control room, as well as the main tracking room, provide natural daylight, and our soloist and speakers' studio is the ideal retreat to brush up your latest imaginative impulse.

We won't leave you alone of course with the wave of musical ideas that might be overwhelming you. We'll make every effort to support your creative process, and we'll keep the gear at bay at the same time, as if it was nothing.

Rooms, acoustics and equipment have been perfectly designed for handmade music, from Rock through Folk to Jazz, but Electronic producers feel equally at home with us. Of course we also work with voice actors, doing your voice recordings.

Studio Recording, Guaranteed to Feel Good

Tracking One

In our "big" tracking room, you can make yourself at home on 320 square feet. Small to medium sized bands and ensembles will find enough space to move freely. Larger combos will have to budge up a little, which in turn will further increase the cosiness factor.

We have large windows in Room One to let in tons of sunlight. Room acoustics are under control but still lively, with a reverb time of roughly 0.5 seconds.

Tracking Two

Our Room Two with its 150 square feet is designed mainly for soloists and voiceover tracking, but also provides enough room for drums or percussion sets. A lonely amp can scream faithfully to himself too, undisturbed.

We've made our "booth" sound extremely low-reflective. Ideal if you need it dry as bone.

Control Room

Ohrwerk's control room is the living room among Nuremberg's plethora of recording studios. Across the world even, probably. Whatever. Spacious, bright, cosy. And it sounds brilliant, which is owing to the lavishly built ceiling construction and other sophisticated acoustic optimizations.

300 square feet provide room to breathe, even if there's more than a couple of co-listeners. The no-reflection listening sweet-spot assures clean conditions during mix-down, and large windows allow for fatigue-free working in natural light.

Team One For All, All For You

Stefan Behninger

In his 20 years as an engineer in audio-visual media, Stefan has been able to accumulate quite some experience in audio and video engineering for television and webcasting, and that's just next to music production. Meanwhile he has switched to the opposite end of the wires and works as a full-time software engineer.

Sven Kartscher

As our team rookie, Sven is far from being responsible for making coffee. As a producer he readily shares the experience he gained in his almost 30 years as a musician. Hot tip: If you want to make a big splash in Rock-Pop-Alternative, grab Sven! A teacher in his main profession, he'll be able to cope with you, trust us.

Christian Reinfelder

Christian has been in the business for more than 20 years now. As a highly demanded live technician, he tours all over Germany and mothers the musicians entrusted to him, be they from Rock & Pop, Classical music, Musical and other genres. He does it in a way so devoted and competent that they only let him go grudgingly afterwards.

... and many more

Since the three of us are constantly shuttling back and forth from main occupation to family to ohrwerk and back, we thought it would be a real shame to leave the studio unused and wasted, just because none of us is available to take the job. That's why we're cooperating with an ever-growing number of freelance technicians and engineers we can refer you to. All of them are at least as nice as we are, they know their way around the studio, and have been ohrwerk-certified by us personally.

Equipment Authoritative Gear

Console Mackie 32-8 Bus Inline analogue
DAW Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5, UAD-2 Solo and UAD-2 Duo DSP accelerators with tons of plugins, Steinberg WaveLab Pro 9.5 Mastering Suite
Monitoring Genelec 1030a + 1092a, Yamaha NS 10
A/D Converters 3 x RME ADI-8 AE, hooked up to RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652
Microphones AKG C 414, AKG C 3000, Apex 460, BPM CR 73, Heil Sound PR 40, JZ Vintage V11, Neumann TLM 103, Røde NT 5, Sennheiser E 604, Sennheiser E 609, Sennheiser E 914, Sennheiser MD 421, Shure Beta 98, Shure SM 57, Shure SM 58, Violet Maestro, more available on request
Outboard Lexicon PCM 91 reverb processor, Neve 1073LB preamp, TFPro P1 Studio Channel, TLAudio Ivory 2 channel strip, more available on request

Contact ohrwerk

While our telephone set is always present, we are not.
Anyway, for the sake of completeness, this is the number: +49 (0)911 81012989

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Our studio is located in the Z-Bau - House of Contemporary Culture in Frankenstr 200, D-90461 Nuremberg, Germany.
The Great Google will readily show you the way.